European Participants

European Participants


Greta Akcijonaite - Lithuania

Greta started working as audiovisual producer in the private sector after graduating from Directing studies. Later, while achieving a Master in Cultural Management and Policy, she got involved in organising film festivals, educational media projects and in 2005 became the manager of the only remaining 1-screen 88-seat arthouse film theatre in Vilnius, Lithuania. She has initiated intensive education and distribution activities in the cinema. After 4 years she established her own private art-house cinema "Pasaka" with 2 screens in the old-town of Vilnius.


KINO PASAKA is a private but non-profit company operating an arthouse cinema "PASAKA" in the very heart of Vilnius’ old town. The cinema was established in September 2009 and is concentrating on quality cinema programming, special events, festivals and film education. In order to guarantee an interesting, attractive and alternative programme and to run the premieres, PASAKA is also distributing films itself. The company is a member of the international networks such as CICAE, Europa Cinemas, Europa Distribution. Our biggest upcoming challenge is the digitalization expected in 2012 or 2013.

Francesca Bolognesi – France

 Francesca has been programming the department of Cinema at the French Academy in Roma since 2008. She regularly proposes retrospectives, tributes and she is in charge of the promotion and setting up of the projects of the film-makers in residence at the Villa Medici. She is also correspondent in Italy for the Festival de Cinéma Méditerranéen of Montpellier. Before that she had worked for the Director's Fortnight in Cannes and various other festivals in France.

 Académie de France à Rome – Villa Médicis:

The department of cinema inside the French Academy in Rome has known an important development in the last ten years. We have a status of "art et essai" movie theatre. Thanks to the collaboration with different foreign and local film festivals, we are trying to create a network between producers and distributors from these areas. The French academy has always promoted a spirit of cultural widening, and is now extending its cultural activities to new areas of the world.


Margherita Chiti - Italy

Margherita has been buyer and head of distribution for Sacher Distribuzione, as well as in charge of development and post-production for Cinema Undici SRL since 2006. Before that she had various experiences in the production field for Mikado Film Spa and Warner Bros Italy.

Sacher Film Distribuzione : The company was founded by Luigi Musini with Nanni Moretti and Roberto Cicutto and Angelo Barbagallo. It is currently hold 50/50 by Luigi Musini and Nanni Moretti. The aim of the company is the independent distribution of selected arthouse films, with a high quality dubbing respectful of the original language and always with few original language prints available on the territory. The company is looking for new talents, first films but also well known and beloved authors: all those filmakers having a free and strong cinematographic look to the world.


Lydia Genchi - Italy

Lydia created Nomad Film Distribution and has been directing it since 2008. Prior to that she has had a long-term experience on an international level, first of all as a buyer for different distribution companies and then as a distributor. She has also been in charge of marketing and communication for Movimento Film.


Nomad Film Distribution:

NOMAD FILM Distribution is a company recently founded (october 2009) by Lydia Genchi to produce and distribute movies for theatrical release, and documentaries and TV series for italian networks.


Marieke Jonker - Holland

Marieke graduated with an MA in Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image at the University of Amsterdam.  She then became assistant programmer for the Movies That Matter Festival (Amsterdam);  programmer for the Filmtheater de Uitkijk and she then created Amstelfilm.

Amstel Film:

Amstelfilm is a young film distributor with a passion for arthouse films. The company was created because of the digitization. Developing solutions for independent content in a new digital era is their main challenge. They believe digitization is not a mere digital hurdle, but an opportunity for independent content. Their future goal it is to create new digital distribution models like Cinema on Demand.



Maureen Prins - Netherlands

Since 2000, Maureen has been an independent filmmaker and artist as well as producer of independent and co-operated videos. She has had various experiences in the Cinema field, initiating CosyMo's Solar Cinema in 2006, then coordinating the Latin American Film festival ON TOUR. She also worked as an arthouse manager for the Filmfoyer of Tilburg in 2009. She founded the Stichting Solar World Cinema in the same year and has been, since 2010, setting up and coordinating regional Film projects for the Bkkc (brabant kenniscentrum kunst en cultuur).


CosyMo's Solar Cinema:

In 2006 CosyMo's Solar Cinema was set up in the Netherlands. As a result of the success of the mobile cinema in 2010 the first European tour and project plan for setting up a Solar Cinema in Latin America was born. All international projects are now organised by the association Solar World Cinema. The aim of SWC is not only being an alternative Exhibitor, bringing unseen films to unusual places, but also has a role as an international distributor and a creator of an international network of (mobile) cinema's, distributors, film-makers and other cultural and 'green' organisations. In Europe they are already establishing a diverse network of partners working together on another European Solar Cinema tour . Their goal is to establish an international network and constant 'film exchange' (digital/DVD/blue ray) between Latin America and Europe.


Mira Staleva - Bulgaria

After completing her theology and psychology degree, Mira joined the Sofia International Film Festival, the most important film festival in Bulgaria and one of the key film events in Europe, as a program adviser, and as Head of Sofia Meetings, the co-production platform of Sofia IFF. It is supported by the MEDIA programme and designed to promote new projects by young European filmmakers and encourage the distribution and participation of new Bulgarian and Balkan films in European film festivals. She organises workshops and courses for young filmmakers and is deputy director of Art Fest Ltd.

 Sofia Film Festival:

Featured in Variety’s Top 50 of cinema festivals, the event presents Bulgaria to the world as the host of one of the important film festivals in Europe and takes place annually in March. What started as a thematic music film festival, went through 14 previous editions to become the cinema event of the year, bringing the current world cinema trends to the domestic viewers in Bulgaria and the latest in Bulgarian cinema to the rest of the world. The festival is organized by Art Fest under the auspices of the Municipality of Sofia and in partnership with the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture, the National Palace of Culture, the National Film Center and the Bulgarian National Television with the support of the MEDIA programme of the European Commission, national and foreign cultural institutes and sponsors. Art Fest is a production, distribution and exhibition company.



Yolanda Viñals - Spain

 In the last four years she has been dealing with cultural management, being in charge of the programming AAVV of Casa América Catalunya. She graduated in journalism and humanities and studied documentary films in the EICTV of Cuba and in the University Complutense of Madrid. She then worked as screen-writer and producer in Catalunia, Cuba, Madrid and Argentina. She also worked as press editor for radio, TV and digital platforms. Now she is freelance.