• To promote the cultural diversity in the cinematographic offer in Europe, especially in the countries that have to face difficulties to have access to the movies.
  • To find new ways of releasing movies of third countries in Europe founded on the collaboration between professionals.
  • To work in collaboration with filmmakers, producers and sales agents to acquire rights for quality Latin American films with limited access to traditional distribution circuits.
  • To provide European cinema audiences with access to quality Latin American films that are currently not available through the existing distribution channels in our territories.
  • To create opportunities for third countries movies  films to benefit from alternative exhibition platforms (non-theatrical, mobile, solar, VoD, etc).
  • To develop and consolidate wider cinema audiences for movies from third countries in Europe.
  • To share experiences, knowledge and ideas regarding sourcing, acquisition, and distribution of movies from third countries with a focus on Latin American films to the benefit of all of EDEN members.