Latin-American participants

Maximiliano CRUZ - Mexico
Programmer/curator, distributor, producer and screenwriter based in Mexico City.
In 2004 he founded with some groups of friends FICCO-Mexico City International Contemporary Film Festival, which he programmed during its first five years, giving to this city the most important showcase of international arthouse cinema. In 2008 he founded Interior13.
Besides, Maximilano is also producer of several Latin-american movies and conducts his own movie project called Juvenal, for which he received a writing grant.
Interior 13:
Interior 13 is an independent distribution company focused in Mexican and Latin American directors such as Matías Meyer, Nicolás Pereda, Martín Rejtman and José Luis Torres Leiva. In 2009 took place, with the support of the Hubert Bals distribution grant, the commercial release of Locarno’s 2008 hit Parque Vía by Enrique Rivero.
Fernando EPSTEIN - Uruguay
Fernando Epstein is one of the co-founders of Control Z, company created in March 2001, in order to produce and distribute the movie 25 Watts.
He obtained a degree in Media studies from the Catholic University of Uruguay. From 1997 to 2001 he worked as an AVID editor for TV commercials, video clips and documentaries. 25 Watts were his first experience as executive producer.
Control Z Films works as a platform to carry out cinematographic projects in Uruguay.
Control Z has been trying to keep producing films by Uruguayan screenwriters, and to supply film production services to foreign films.
The company's main objective is to continue making and releasing films in Uruguay. Also to bring other films from latin america and europe in order to distribute them as well as their own.
Andrea HERRERA - Venezuela
Andrea Herrera began her higher education in Cinema and Television at ARCIS , and earned her degree in Film Directing. After directing and production fiction and documentary series for Venezuelan and Brazilian television, her work “Eloina,” a film short that is part of the “1, 2, and 3 Women” trilogy has been selected in several festivals such as “The New Latin American Havana Film Festival,” “Chicago Latino Film Festival,” and “The Calcutta International Film Festival/Kolkata Film Festival”.
Trampolin Impulso creativo:
Their activity is based on audiovisual production and an investment in short, experimental, and truly innovative projects from the pitch to the production structure’sdesign. They believe and put their energy into the capacity of young national and international talent to lead and develop projects that enriches Latin-America’s film production. Taking on the challenge in this new age of their continent film industry. 
Fiorella MORETTI - Mexico
From 2001 to 2005, Fiorella has been the Press Chief at the Cultural Center PUCP (Lima Perú), in charge of the edition of the catalogue, the coordination of the web page, the director of the Latinoamerican Film Festival of Lima’s newspaper.
Since 2005, she is the coordinator of production and distribution at Mantarraya Producciones.
ND Mantarraya:
The distribution company that emanates from Mantarraya producciones is called ND Mantarraya. It was founded in 2006, and since then they have distributed films of different nationalities, getting experience and finding particular mechanism in order to make possible the distribution of non commercial, art house films in Mexico.
Their goal is to make possible the presence of this kind of films more often in the commercial theatres of Mexico. Having confirmed that there is an audience for this type of movies, the ambition of Mantarraya is to make this group grow.
Juan Eduardo MURILLO - Chile
Juan Eduardo graduated in Cinema and Television from the University Arcis, Chile, in 2001.
El Juego de Martin (16mm), his short movie for graduation, won 5 national awards.
He then directed several documentaries for International Summits (Apec, Ibero-american summit, Democraties summit, etc) and for the Chilean bicentennial. He also participated in the production of several movies, and since 2005 collaborates regularly to the internet cinematographic review Since 2010 he also writes for the Italian review He is currently working on the script of his first fiction long-feature and is a member of the production and distribution company Malaparte.
Malaparte was born in 2003 as a grouping of film directors and producers, sharing a similar love for cinema. In the first years, they focused on the production of short movies. In 2007, they started producing long feature films, resulting in the production of 2 documentary films and a fiction film, currently in post-production (Guiñar el Diamante).
In 2009, they decided to use their experience of the market and their network in order to raise an alternative distribution and exhibition project which stands also as a local incentive for audience film education.
Since the beginning of 2010, the grouping is formalized in a legal company working with its own funds and  starting negotiating with other actors of the Chilean market in order to distribute movies.
Florencia SCHAPIRO - Argentina
She studied at the Universidad de Cine in Buenos Aires (FUC from 1999 to 2002). From 2003 to 2008, she was the Head of International Sales at Coproduction Office, a sales and production label (France, Germany, and Denmark), being in charge of the Paris branch. In 2008, Ms. Schapiro and Camilo Rodriguez Yaya establish LAT-E, a company located in Buenos Aires.
Founded in 2008 by Florencia Schapiro and Camilo Rodriguez Yaya, LAT-E represents different distributors in Cono Sur for the acquisition of arthouse films.

LAT-E also participates in distribution and marketing in Argentina.



European participants

Jon has worked since 2004 as General Manager of the Duke of York's Picturehouse. Before that, he worked as a freelance production assistant in New York in Film & TV production.
He attended film school at New York University and the New School, also in New York and is currently doing an MA in Arts and Cultural Management at Sussex University.
He is a board member of the CINECITY Film Festival, and writes a blog called Splendor Cinema.


Duke of Yorks:
Since the 1980s the Duke of Yorks has ben the only arthouse cinema in Brighton, presenting independent, classic, foreign language, cult and british cinema. Its programming comprises a combination of foreign language films (including many Latin American titles), British cinema, American independent and European cinema.
Ruta BOGUZAITE - Lithuania
From 2007 to 2009, Ruta worked in film production and distribution company in studio Nominum, Vilnius, where she was responsible for several distribution and cinema education projects.
She also worked as producer’s assistant in several documentary films that were international coproductions. In 2009, she also debuted as line producer in first feature film.
Since late 2009, she joined PASAKA where she now works as director.


Kino Pasaka:
KINO PASAKA is a private but non-profit company operating an arthouse, cinema PASAKA. The cinema was established in September 2009 and is concentrating on quality cinema programming, special events, festivals and film education. In order to guarantee an interesting, attractive and alternative programme and to run the premieres, PASAKA is also distributing films itself.

Maeve COOKE - Ireland
Maeve is the executive director of access CINEMA since July 2007. She’s in charge of agreeing the general company policy, implementing strategies, the artistic programming and the promotion of the organization.
Previously, she worked in production and as a free-lance co-ordinator for FAS/Screen Training Ireland, and has been the programme manager of Access cinema from 2006 to 2007.


Access Cinema:
Access>CINEMA is the resource organisation for regional cultural cinema exhibition in Ireland (not-for-profit). Its core activity is booking and despatching films, on all exhibition formats on behalf of its member groups (currently over 70). The key aims of access>CINEMA are : to give local audiences the opportunity to see a range of world cinema ; to act as an information resource ; to undertake a lobbying/advocacy role within the sector of arts and film ; and to support the work of Irish film makers. Among the future goals of Access>CINEMA : the facilitation of the rollout of 2K digital technology across the network and the touring of original film programmes for all formats.
Anthony LE PERFF - France
Anthony started in cinema by working for 5 years on an educative program proposing to young people coming from underserved areas various activities around cinema.
After this, in another underserved area, he led a little TV chain which ambition was to use TV program to give local information to inhabitants, make them participate in the creation of programs, help them expressing their feelings, and organize debates with public institutions (associations, mayor...). An other very interesting experience that he left to lead the cinema department in DSN, from 2003 until now.

DSN – Dieppe Scène Nationale:
Inaugurated by the French director François Truffaut, DSN is a national theatre that shows theatre, dance, music and cinema. The aim is to promote culture from all over the world to the general audience. In its single screen cinema, DSN welcomes about 50 000 viewers per year and wishes to expand further. The goal is not only to be an art house for the city but also to become an art house for a larger area including the suburban area and country side villages.

Tanja MILICIC - Croatia
Tanja Miličić is the Producer and one of the Programmers of the Pula Film Festival since 2007 and the Manager and Programmer of Cinema Valli since 2008. From 2006 on, she has been member of the master working groups for the drafting of cultural strategies for the City of Pula and Istrian county. She graduated in Film, Photography and Digital Media at the Napier University in Edinburgh. She directed and produced several films of which her autobiographical documentary Patchwork won several awards nationally and internationally.


Cinema Valli and Pula film festival: //
Kino Valli (former Kino Zagreb) was reopened in July 2008 after complete makeover which was initiated by the city of Pula, its new owner. It is currently the only cinema in Pula, with programming that compromises commercial and non commercial films. The cinema’s key aim is to develop new audiences especially for European and world cinema with accent on children and the young.
Pula Film Festival dating back to 1954 presents Croatian, European and World cinema in starry open air cinemas.

Tess RENAUDO - Spain

Tess is a member of the directing committee of L’Alternativa, Barcelona Independent Film Festival, as well as programmer and coordinator of the festival’s competitive sections and itinerant programmes, which is a yearlong initiative to screen festival films at other venues around the world. She contributes and edits the festival blog, and has served as a jury member at various international film festivals.



La Fàbrica de Cinema Alternatiu:
La Fàbrica de Cinema Alternatiu was founded in 1992 as a natural reaction against traditional film institutions. It was the initiative of directors, producers and other professionals from the audiovisual sector and was constituted as a non profit-making association. La Fàbrica's principal aim is to support and promote film and audiovisual work by creating a necessary space for screening, learning, debate and reflection. This goal is achieved through 3 main activities: l’Alternativa, Barcelona Independent Film Festival; l’Alternativa Takes a trip (itinerant film programmes) and the IFN internet portal.