Frederico MACHADO

Founded in 2000 by filmmaker Frederico Machado, in recent years has established itself as the most important film distributor of independent and authorial films in Brazil. LUME has distributed in the Brazilian market, more than 150 titles. Works by directors like David Lynch, Luis Bunuel, R.W. Fassbinder, Todd Solondz and many others that are part of what is recognized as the largest DVD collection of authorial films in Brazil. As a Production Company, LUME made several short films and video, including Questão de Prova, Cartas and Ódio.


Mariana ANDRADE and Carla GARCÍA

Cultural Organization established in 2001. It has four movie theaters in Quito, Guayaquil, and Manta, where it exhibits independent films from around the world.  These are the venue of Ecuador's main film festivals, producing thematic series, film seasons, and educational projects through cinema. It produced Miguel Alvear and Patricio Andrade's feature film Blak Mama and Miguel Alvear's documentary feature Más allá del mall, among others. It also works as an editorial line, publishing books, a monthly newspaper, and a blog (KM 8-1/2) on the topic.


Florencia SCHAPIRO

It brings auteur cinema closer to an audience eager for new proposals, through acquisition, marketing, and distribution. It managed the acquisition of European films for different distributors such as Michael Haneke's Amour, and Abbas Kiarostami's Certified Copy. It devised and produced guerilla marketing campaigns for films like Wim Wender's Pina 3D for Zeta Films. In 2011 it established distribution venture in Argentina, with the releases of Amat Escalante's Los bastardos, and Julio Hernández Cordón's Las marimbas del infierno. Its next release will be Aleksandr Sokurov's Fausto, winner of Venice 2011 Golden Lion.



Distribution company based in Costa Rica that seeks to broaden independent cinema’s offer and propose new ways of watching films. The ultimate goal is to bring good independent cinema closer to new audiences, in order to to be a rallying point for fans of various art forms, genres and styles. It has previously worked on the theatrical release of films such as Agua fría de mar by Paz Fábrega and Marimbas del infierno by Julio Hernández Cordón, and is working as well on the release of an independent cinema VOD platform.



Malaparte was born in 2003 as a production company. Their first goal was to generate an independent and diverse platform for audiovisual creation. In 2010 they started the distribution area of our company being selected in the Cine Sin Fronteras workshop, and establishing an acquisition network with five Latin-American partners. In Chile they have theatrical released the features Perro muerto by Camilo Becerra and El eco de las canciones by Antonia Rossi.


Sandra GOMEZ

Distribution company based in Mexico City, focused on local distribution of Latin American cinema, international arthouse, publications on avant garde filmmakers and the promotion of Mexican talents. Founded in 2008 by Sandra Gómez and Maximiliano Cruz as a label for film promotion, INTERIOR 13 has produced “Paraísos artificiales” (2011) by Yulene Olaizola and “Los mejores temas” (2012) by Nicolás Pereda. INTERIOR 13 also provides programming and consulting services for international film festivals such as Riviera Maya Film Festival and FICUNAM.


Fiorella MORETTI and Lisa GERVASSI

Its main purpose is to offer the Mexican audience, high quality cinematography films. Its line up includes titles from Latin America, Europe and Asia. Among other films: the Cannes’s Palm d’Or winners Uncle Boonmee by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Amour by Michael Haneke, Cannes’s Camera d’Or winner Hunger by Steve McQueen, and Bruno Dumont’s last three titles: Hadewijch, Hors Satan and Camille Claudel. Our next title is our own production Post Tenebras Lux by Carlos Reygadas, Best director at Cannes 2012.


Agustina CHIARINO and Fernando EPSTEIN

New film production company, created in 2011 by Agustina Chiarino and Fernando Epstein. Over the past decade, from Control Z Films they have produced and distributed several films and short-films, including 25 Watts, Whisky, Hiroshima, all with several awards in major film festivals. MUTANTE CINE is committed to continue producing films and, at the same time, open to new horizons, maintaining the emphasis in the discovery of new talents and the exploration of differents areas inside the film production and audiovisual training.