Participants - Valdivia 2011

Florencia SCHAPIRO | Argentina


Through Acquisition, Marketing and/or Distribution LAT-E brings auteur cinema closer to an audience eager for new proposals. Acquisitions –exclusively– for CDI Films–– (Vincere, Hadewijch, Séraphine Certified Copy, Mlle Chambon, etc.) for Conosur. Guerrila marketing –exclusively– for Zeta Films and/or Distribution throught Zeta–– or Lat-e ) The White Ribbon, Cous Cous, A l’Origine, Sofía Cumple 100 años).


Juan Eduardo MURILLO | Chile


Juan Eduardo graduated in Cinema and Television from the University Arcis, Chile, in 2001. El Juego de Martin (16mm), his short movie for graduation, won 5 national awards. He then directed several documentaries for International Summits (Apec, Ibero-american summit, Democraties summit, etc) and for the Chilean bicentennial. He also participated in the production of several movies, and since 2005 collaborates regularly to the internet cinematographic review Since 2010 he also writes for the Italian review He is currently working on the script of his first fiction long-feature and is a member of the production and distribution company Malaparte.


Joan Simón RIVERA | Chile


Holds a degree in Cinema and Television from ARCIS University. Between 1999 and 2007 works in the direction and post-production teams of various documental short films and television programs. From 2008 he works in the development of long-feature films and executive production (Guiñar el Diamante by Roberto Contador, El Eco de las Canciones by Antonia Rossi). He was selected for the workshop “Fromación de Productores en Mercado Europeo y Norteamericano,”6o Co-produccion Sessions of FICValdivia, and the workshop Cine Sin Fronteras, AustraLAB FiCValdivia 2010. Distributor in Chile of Perro Muerto by Camilo Becerra (Best National Film FICValdivia 2010), and sales agent of El Eco de las Canciones by Antonia Rossi (Espérance Prize FIDMarseille 2010).


Elba McALLISTER | Colombia


Elba McAllister is Co-Founder, Partner and Executive President of the Colombian film distribution company Cineplex, which promotes alternative films in Latin America since 1993.


Karina AVELLÁN | Costa Rica


Karina Avellán holds a Master in Executive Production from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, and a degree in Communication from Universidad de Costa Rica. From 2004 organizes the Central American young video festival La 240. Between 2005 and 2009, she worked as a coordinator at the Central American and Cuban audiovisual fund Cinergia. In 2010, she co-founded El Otro Cine, production and distribution company for the Central American market. These days, she works as a project advisor and fundraiser at Cinergia.


Marcelo QUESADA | Costa Rica


Marcelo Quesada holds a Master in Executive Production from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. From 2007 is a member of CHOP CHOP Producciones, where he worked as a documentary and short film executive producer. He also was a member of the direction team of the film Agua Fría del Mar. In 2010, he co-founded El Otro Cine, production and distribution company for the Central American market. Nowadays, he is a project advisor at the Central American and Cuban audiovisual fund Cinergia.


Maximiliano CRUZ | Mexico


Programmer/curator, distributor, producer and screenwriter based in Mexico City. In 2004 he founded with some groups of friends FICCO- Mexico City International Contemporary Film Festival, which he programmed during its first five years, giving to this city the most important showcase of international arthouse cinema. In December 2008 he founded Interior13.
Besides, Maximilano is also producer of several Latin- American movies and conducts his own movie project called Juvenal, for which he received a writing grant.


Sandra GÓMEZ | Mexico


Founding member and Editorial Director of FICCO, Mexico City International Contemporary Film Festival (2004-2008). She worked as the Video and Promotions Director at the distribution company Tarántula Films. During 2009-2010, she was the Investigation Director of the CCC –Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica. In December 2008, founded Interior 13 with Maximiliano Cruz to promote and distribute international contemporary cinema, produce Mexican independent films, and programme seasons and retrospectives. Her first production Paraísos Artificiales (2011) by Yulene Olaizola. Nowadays, she is producing Los mejores temas of Nicolás Pereda.


Fiorella MORETTI | Mexico


I began my career working for the Lima Latin American Film Festival in 2000. In 2005, I joined the team at Mantarraya Productions, working as Production Coordiantor in Stella Licht (2007); Los Bastardos (2008); and Alamar (2010), among other films. I have been in charge of ND Mantarraya, the distribution arm of our production company since 2007.


Fernando EPSTEIN | Uruguay


Fernando Epstein was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1969. He obtained a degree in Media Studies from the Catholic University of Uruguay. He worked as an AVID EDITOR from 1997 to 2001, editing commercial spots, video clips and documentaries. 25 Watts was his first experience as Executive Producer and Film Editor. Founded Control Z Films with Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll, and MUTANTE CINE IN 2011 with Agustina Chiarino.