Pelo Malo

Mariana Rondón
Venezuela / 2013 / 95min
with Samuel Lange, Samantha Castillo

I am nine years old and my hair is a mess.
I am thirty years old and have a weird son.
If I straighten it, my mummy will love me.
If he stays as such, I will hand him over to his grandma.
I hope she doesn’t abandon me.


Concha de Oro at the 2013 San Sebastián International Film Festival, supported by Film in Progress Toulouse, Pelo Malo is a Venezuelan coproduction with Germany (Ufer Filmproduktion). The movie was granted by the World Cinema Fund (Germany) of 30 000 € in July 2013.

Several European professionals could have an access to Pelo Malo thanks to the EDEN action. The movie will be released in: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia. ART FEST, CIRKO FILM, FILMTOPIA, KAMERA OKO, KINO BIZE, and OPEN UNIVERSITY SUBOTICA signed with FIGA FILM for its distribution.