PRINCESAS ROJAS > Wednesday March 20th

Laura Astorga Carrera
Costa Rica, Venezuela / 2013

Claudia is eleven years old and has always played the game of being a revolutionary. When her family moves from Nicaragua to Costa Rica, in the middle of the Sandinist Revolution, politics turn out not to be such a funny game.

Sales agent: Latido Films



LA PAZ > Thursday March 21st

Santiago Loza
Argentina / 2013

Liso, a young man from the upper middle class, has been released from a psychiatric clinic. He lives with his parents, who treat him like a child. The only solace he finds is that which emerges from his friendship with Sonia, their Bolivian maid, and his visits to his grandmother.

Sales agent: Figa Films


TROPICÁLIA > Thursday March 21st

Marcelo Machado
Brazil, USA, UK / 2013

This carefully researched film investigates the cultural movement which began in Brazil in the late 1960s as a reaction to the popular music and nationalism of the period. Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Tom Zé (and others) mull over their experience, while magnificent archive footage brings to life the sheer inventiveness and political reach of “Tropicalism”.

Sales agent : Wide Management