Speakers - Toulouse 2011



f2.8 Pictures Manager

Since 2002, Stéphane has been working at Wild Side as legal, financial and administrative director. Beforehand, he worked as development manager at Bac Films, a French distribution company, and had various experiences in France and abroad. He is now launching his own co-production company, f 2.8 pictures.

During the CSF workshop, he will be the main speaker >and trainer in the different sessions.


Jean-Pierre VILLA

VeoCine manager (French Cinema network).

Veo Cine is one of the most important Cinemas venues network in France (more than 200 cinems). 80 % of them are arthouse cinemas.

Jean-Pierre also co-founded Cinelia, first cooperative providing access to digital equipment. It is created by independent exhibitors for independent exhibitors.




Rodolphe VILLAGE

Project manager of Video en Poche / Computer graphics specialist for Utopia Cinemas

Rodolphe is working for Utopia Cinemas. He initiated Video en Poche.

Video en Poche is an alternative way of diffusion via a USB key or a memory card. Its aim is to give “little” films a longer life.




ELCINEVINO Project Manager

Luis is one of the architects of the Catholic University of Chile. He is specialized in cultural management and artistic projects creation in Theatre, Cinema and TV. He is currently Project Manager for ELCINEVINO and member of the audiovisual comity of the Latin American Mobil Cinemas Network.

ElCineVino was created in 2001. Its main action is to bring Cinema to the remotest places in Chile.



Maureen PRINS


Since 2000, Maureen has been an independent filmmaker and artist as well as producer of independent and co-operated videos. She has had various experiences in the Cinema field, initiating CosyMo's Solar Cinema in 2006, then coordinating the Latin American Film festival ON TOUR. She also worked as an arthouse manager for the Filmfoyer of Tilburg in 2009. She founded the Stichting Solar World Cinema in the same year and has been, since 2010, setting up and coordinating regional Film projects for the Bkkc (brabant kenniscentrum kunst en cultuur).





FiGa Filmsis a sales agency and distribution company specialized in finding the best contemporary films from Latin and Ibero-America.




Bruno Bettati created Jirafa and has been its manager since then. Since 2007, Bruno is also executive producer of the Festival Internacional de Cine de Valdivia.

Jirafa is a production, post-production and distribution company. It is established in Valdivia, Chile since 2001.

The FICV is a Chilean festival with an international programming and strong industry sections.




RCALT Regional Programming Coordinator

Marie Chèvre joined the Association Rencontres Cinéma d’Amérique Latine de Toulouse (ARCALT) in 2005. She is in charge of public outreach as well as the regional and young audience programming for the festival.



Louise LEGAL

RCALT Young Audiences

Community worker, she has a long-term experience in this field, particularly with children. She works in a welcoming centre for asylum seekers where she mainly attends families. For the last 3 years she's been working for the ARCALT at developing young audiences


Rozenn LE BERRE:

RCALT Young Audiences

She is currently studying Political Science. She had experiences as community worker with children in France and Peru. In 2010 she worked for the Buenos Aires Human Rights Film Festival. She is currently coordinator of Young Audiences activities for ARCALT.


Maria Isabel OSPINA

She's a documentary filmmaker. For the ARCALT, she works as an administrator. She is also a speaker in the framework of the French Programme for young audiences "Lycéen aux cinema"


Olivier HAG

As a journalist, Olivier worked for several medias and information centres on the stakes of diffusion of cultural contents on internet. At moment, he is a member of L'Esplanade, a non profit organisation for which he develops accompanying system for people developing their projects.

L'Esplanade is a think-tank on digital. It favours meetings on innovative projects and brings new ideas on citizenship questions linked to our daily practices of digital tools.



Carole FABRE

Carole Fabre is as a consultant and a trainer for all projects related to internet technologies and communication.

She is a member of L'Esplanade




Rialto Manager

Rialto is an independent arthouse cinema with three screens in Amsterdam. A main focus is World Cinema, films from Asia, Africa and Latin America. World Cinema Amsterdam is a yearly festival (August 11 - 21 2011) organized by Rialto.




Executive manager of Heliotrope Films

Heliotrope Films is an independent distribution company of arthouse films created in 2001.




Head of acquisitions for Eye Film Institute

EYE Film Institute Netherlands, formerly Filmmuseum (the Dutch cinémathèque).

Eye is the new institute for film in the Netherlands. It promotes culture, debate, reflection and innovation through adventurous film programming, distribution, research and experimentation.