The Cinemalab workshops

After the success of its second edition, ARCALT, CICAE, FICV and Europa Distribution are about to launch the 3rd edition of Cine Sin Fronteras which is now renamed Cinemalab. This course is intended for Latin-American and European Professionals of diffusion.

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Aims of the Workshops

To support the diversity of the cinematographic offer by improving the presence and the visibility of Latin-American cinematography in Europe and European cinematography in Latin-America through a training program and a matching up between professionals of diffusion of both continents. 

They are dedicated to:

  • Professionals from the promotion field: distributors, exhibitors and directors of film festival.
  • Professionals with at least 3 years of experience and a good knowledge of the sector.
  • Professionals with a concrete new project to develop the circulation (distribution, exhibition and diffusion) of European cinema in Latin-America and of the Latin-American cinema in Europe.
  • Institutional professionals willing to create policies in favour of diffusion.

Presentation of the workshops

Nowadays, the main difficulty is not the production deficit of world movies ; in fact, the world production level has reached its peak in the last couple of years. It is rather the lack of distribution and exhibition of these world movies. The current distribution and exhibition market is very concentrated and benefits mainly to the most exposed movies.

We can see that, through the world, the authorities have now really realized the importance of a support for the local cinematographic production. In addition, coproduction markets have appeared in festivals all over the world and have enabled producers to find complementary funds for their innovating movies.

On the other hand, the majority of these countries supporting local production don’t have any schemes for diffusion support: no support for the distributors of national or no-national movies, no support for independent cinema exhibitors.

This situation results in a centralization and concentration phenomenon: concentration of the demand for the most exposed movies, benefiting of a huge P&A budget, concentration of the admissions in some cinemas, mainly multiplexes or commercial cinemas. This leads for the independent cinemas to a forced homogenisation of the offer in order to survive, and for the independent distributors, to difficulties to find screens for the movies they promote.

Those professionals, exhibitors and distributors, have to face, on each continent, more or less, the same issues.

However, this is not a fatality: there is an audience seeking for more diversity and it needs to be answered. Professionals of the circulation are the link between audience and movies, they have to be at the forefront in the circulation of Latin-American movies in Europe and European movies in Latin-America. They are the most trained and informed persons who can improve the films’ circulation and ensure their promotion so that they can reach the audience. It’s today necessary that all the doers of the circulation field can structure a market to find interprofessional synergies.

main axis of the training

 The main axis developed during this third session will be

  • Audience development, targeting more specifically young audiences, as an essential mean to increase the audience
  • The markets’ conditions, the chain of rights (productions, international acquisitions and sales, distribution, exhibition), legal settings and financial opportunities for the diffusion in the two continents (financial aids, supports to the direct or indirect diffusion).
  • The Network part in order to share ideas, knowledge and information and to develop and reinforce the independent sector, which promotes cultural diversity.

We will lean on case studies, theoretical lessons and coaching of projects. The special feature of our training is based on the matching up between professionals and the sharing of knowledge.

Practical information

The training, which will be dedicated to 12 participants – 6 Latin-Americans and 6 Europeans, will occur during two festivals. One in Europe, the Rencontres Cinémas d'Amérique Latine de Toulouse, a reference in Europe for its specialization in Latin-American films and the other one in Latin America, the International festival of Valdivia, which offers a large panorama of European films and as such is becoming essential for Latin-American professionals.

 The 6 selected Europeans professionals will be in in Toulouse from the 21st to the 26th of March 2011, during Les Rencontres Cinémas d’Amérique Latine. Cinemalab Toulouse is built around 3 axis: the training, the participation to Cinéma en Construction and screenings of Latin-American films in the presence of their sellers

The training for the six Latin-American professionals will take place during the International Festival of Valdivia from the 12th to the 14th of October of this year.